Law of Attraction 104: Focus

Vibrational Focus

Let’s talk about focus. What is focus? One could describe focus as pinpointing a specific target via sight. We can see that it’s easy to focus in the physical world, but how do we focus vibrationally? Simply put, true focus is thinking about a certain subject and holding that thought. Most people don’t realize that their dominant thoughts are creating their lives. What they focus on most will become their life experience. What are you focusing on? So many people want to attract more money into their lives. That’s great and all, but it won’t appear if they’re focusing on the lack of money. It takes a bit more than a desire for more wealth. It takes deliberate thought on the desire. You have to tip the balance from your focus on the lack of money to a focus that says “I have more than enough money”. You do this with your deliberate focus.

Focus On The Solution

A lot of times people give too much credit to their current circumstances. Meaning if they don’t have very much money in the bank, they feel they have to do things to get it or fix the problem. The only thing you have to do is focus on abundance. The only problem is giving more attention to the issue than the solution. You don’t have to do anything in the outside world. The real work is done within. The proper actions to take will show up due to your vibrational alignment with the desired outcome. To be an effective creator it is wise to soften the resistance, to get from where you are to the solution. To avoid feeling like you’re going insane, guide your focus on being more general about the desire. If you want a mansion on the beach, the new Lamborghini, and all the awesome electronic gadgets – it is probably best not to try and focus on having these things now because there is still possibly some resistance (which does not feel good). To test your alignment with your desire, focus specifically on the outcome as if you are living it now. How do you feel? Good? Or more like you’re lying to yourself. It’s OK if you don’t feel good. That just means that you have resistance in your vibration. You can ease that resistance by focusing on more general aspects of your desire. Focus on how it could be if you had $500 or $1,000 to spend on whatever you want. What would you buy? Would you give it away? If you feel good during this process, you’re on course. Keep that up, soon the resistance will dissolve and you will be able to focus more specifically on the desired outcome while feeling good. Throughout your journey of feeling vibrational alignment, you will be attracting good things to yourself. Don’t think that the Universe has to wait until all of your resistance is gone to give you what you want. Bottom line, what you truly want is to feel good. The specifics will appear or you will receive greater things than you imagined. Remember this whole law of attraction thing working for you is about you feeling good.

Focus Generally

Focus without feeling is just thinking thoughts. Feeling is the creative power. The point is to feel good. So do that! Feel good! This is fun and easy once the ball starts rolling. Think of this for example: You are riding on a black horse, going fast and feeling kind of scared (this represents your fear). To the right of you, appears a beautiful white horse (representing love) traveling in unison with the horse you’re on. The black horse is the negative and the white horse is the positive. You want to be on the white horse, but you can’t exactly jump off the black one onto the white one. So what do you do? You slow down the black horse to a stop, then you can easily get on the white horse. Once you’re on, you can start to pick up speed and go where to truly want to be. So to bring this into a practical exercise, let’s say you are not able to buy things or go places you like because of the lack of money in your life. That’s the specific negative. Acknowledge it. Then what you do from there is think more generally negative, “I don’t like feeling constrained like this,” or “This emotion doesn’t feel good to me.” This is the process of softening your resistance. Once you feel more or less neutral about the issue, now let’s get generally positive. This could look like, “I like the idea of having what I want,” or “I like the fact that there is money in my life.” Now move onto morepositive specifics like, buying a new outfit that you feel good about, or being able to travel and hang out with your friends in style. Feel the freedom of that deliberate focus!

So to sum this up: Step one is the specific negative. Step two is the general negative. Step three is the general positive. Step four is the specific positive. Use this exercise in all areas of your life and see how fast our Universe really works. It’s all about focus.

“Your prayer causes you to focus, and the Law of Attraction causes everything in the Universe that’s in vibrational harmony with your focus to come to you.” – Abraham Hicks

With love,

Josh Adamous


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